Our commitment to you

It is important that you obtain reliable legal advice from an experienced source.

At Norwest Law Group identifying, developing and evaluating solutions to your problems is at the heart of what we do every day. It’s our job to make sure the solutions we provide live up to your expectations, our solicitors offer the highest standard of legal advice. We believe in three simple concepts: to continue to represent, protect and defend the client professionally; to work with integrity so that you are satisfied with the results and that your legal issues are resolved in a cost-effective way with minimal amount of stress and anxiety to you.

Our team specialises in all areas of law including: Commercial and Business Law, Family Law, Criminal and Traffic Law, Wills and Estate Planning, Taxation Law, Property Law and Conveyancing, Powers of Attorney, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Discrimination Law.


Our Philosophy

Norwest Law Group solicitors share a common vision of how clients’ needs can best be served through a modern intergrated law firm:

We are committed to delivering sound and pragmatic legal advice: short, quick, and to the point; or more elaborated if needed or required; We strive to help clients identify and focus on the relevant legal issues and provide the legal input they need to make the proper decision; We highly value open, direct and personal relationships with our clients; We value each matter entrusted to us and give it the attention for as long as it need.

We bridge the expectation gap between client and lawyer: Norwest Law Group’s solicitors all have proven experience which allows them to step into the shoes of the client and adopt the approach that works both from a legal and a client perspective without compromising on the quality of the legal advice.

Our History

Norwest Law Group is the newest expansion to its partner company Norwest Tax. The company has grown from its humble beginnings servicing the needs of our clients both large and small, families, individuals, business and investors at the firms Norwest Business Park office since 2002. The firm continues to grow not only through it’s highly skilled team of solicitors but also through the firms commitment to the community by the it’s community outreach program.