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 Family Law

The breakdown of a marital relationship can be an unbelievably difficult and emotional process. It can be a miserable experience. Norwest Law Group is dedicated to reducing your stress by providing the best service to resolve the family law issues.

Many times people try and handle divorce or family law matters without the assistance of a lawyer. But taking on your own case can cause stress to you. We want to help relieve the stress that accompanies these delicate matters. Our solicitors will make sure that your children, your rights, and your assets are protected.


A divorce can affect many areas of your life. It is important to have an experienced family law lawyer guiding you through the process. The five criteria that most individuals confront regarding a divorce are:

  • Your Children are the most important thing in a divorce. We can help with: Who the children live with? Who the children spend time with?
  • Property settlement issues – (How do you fairly and equitably divide marital assets and debts such as real estate, retirement accounts, household personal property, cars, credit card debt, etc.?)
  • Maintenance – (Are you or your spouse a candidate for maintenance?)
  • Lawyer fees and related costs – (Who pays for the legal fees and costs connected to your divorce? How much will it cost? How long will it take?) Interim issues – From the moment the divorce begins, until it ends…
  • How do you and your spouse conduct yourselves in the interim, while the case is pending?
  • What are the rules of the road while your divorce case is pending?
  • Who gets to live in the house while your divorce is pending?
  • Who makes the house payment while your divorce case is pending?
  • Who’s going to have custody of the children while your divorce case is pending?
  • Is there a history of domestic violence? Do you need an Apprehended Violence Order so that you may be protected from your spouse at the beginning of your divorce proceedings?

Alternative Divorce Solutions

Most of our clients are interested in early dispute resolution, conflict avoidance, and cost-effectiveness. Our lawyers are sensitive to these issues and your objectives and desires. If you are willing to sit down face-to-face with your spouse, mediation is a lower-cost opportunity to create your own settlement within the limits of the law.

Post-Divorce Modifications

As your children grow, as your career changes, and as you meet someone new, you may need to make some modifications regarding your parenting arrangement. We can help you to apply through the court for new parenting orders if the current parenting orders do not work for you.